is a renewable energy company based in Essex/Hertfordshire corner of the home counties. We specialise in the installation of photovoltaic panels (solar panel), battery storage and car charging points. With the potential in the near future residential wind turbines for the generation of power in the winter months.


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In the UK Electricity is created via Wind power contributing 26.1% of the UK’s total electricity generation in Q4 2021, with onshore and offshore wind contributing 12% and 14% respectively. Bioenergy, the burning of renewable organic materials, contributed 12.7% to the renewable mix. Meaning 61.8% from fossil fuels with a massive 43% from natural gas (power stations).

In the UK you can expect one kilowatt of panels to generate between 800 and 1000 units (kilowatt-hours, kWh) of electricity per year. So a well-sited domestic system of about 3.5kW peak output could produce around 3,000 to 3,500 kWh per year. Ofgem estimates the typical household in Britain uses 2,900 kWh of electricity per year. Meaning a well sited domestic solar system can generate more electricity than you can use per year. Why waste your production, store the extra you make!! Charge your car, wash your clothes, you no longer have to give it back to the grid.

Now is the time to join the new revolution and take control of your energy bills!!


With an average amenities supplier, annual CO2e emissions for the energy you use at home would be around 2.6 tonnes per year. The UK government report on the carbon emissions for homes on the average energy fuel mix In 2022, these figures brake down to 0.193 kg of CO2e per kWh of electricity used. Small changes can make big impacts to your footprint.

Capturing and storing carbon from the atmosphere is vital in the fight against climate change. The 1,000 plus woodlands cared for by the Woodland Trust absorb and lock-up many tonnes of carbon each year in trees, shrubs and soils. We feel it’s time to do more so for every Solar system we fit, we promise to donate to the woodland trust to allow enough trees to capture 4 tonnes of carbon, this is the equivalent to 1.5x your 2.6 tonnes yearly carbon footprint.

By having one of our installations, you have the potential to reduce your household carbon footprint up-to 6.6 tonnes with a little help from us! Get in contact with us today for a free no obligation quote. We will ask for a few details then we’ll design your install with projected generation and return on investment. ~ TO GET STARTED, CLICK HERE ~